Tuesday 17 November 2015

The Mausoleum of IFTIKHAR KHAN (AD-1605) in Chunar [ समाधि स्थल इफ्तिखार खान ]

The chunar stone mausoleum IFTIKHAR KHAN (Title Name-Dilwar Khan),an officer during the Region of JAHANGIR (AD 1605-27) Was Built in AD-1605 According to an inscription found here.The Tomb is Pentagonal having its entrance through the only Gate from south.The main Dome is Hemispherical surmounted by an inverted lotus surmounted by an inverted lotus capital .

The Facade of the tomb has series of Arched windows with niches the Mausoleum is Square in Plan apart from THE MAIN DOME,there are four minarets at the four cardinal points,The entire Monument is enclosed with in An enclosure wall.The courtyard of the MAUSOLEUM has a garden designed and planned on CHARBAGH system ,but the same has Dried up now .The Tomb is a A specimen of the Typical Features of Mughal Architecture.

 Close View Of Mausoleum :-

Beautiful Art

 Entrance Gate :-

Protected By steel Cage

Walking Ramp :-

Information Of Tomb By Government :-

Inside View Of Tomb :-

Back View Of Entrance Gate :-

 Ancient Well in Court Yard :-
Full View

Protected By Steel cage

Walk Way Of Well
Back View of Tomb :-
Back View
Our Effort is to Inform the Tourist and Art lover to explore this place more than any thing,Because this place need Full care of Authorities and Gov Of India.Currently Very Less People know about this place or Visit Here.So we request to visit here and make this place more Popular.

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  1. If you could attach a map or some kind of information about the location of this tomb, would be helpful.


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